Non Profit Organization

Travel and Give

Design Lead

Tiffany Lynne

Based in

New York, NY

Travel and Give is a women-led global initiative spearheaded by Martine Harris and seven other passionate team members from across the country. Their mission is to transform each community they visit with a vast range of resources and access.

My vision for the brand redesign was to incorporate the organizations of selfless work and global travel. Lowercase lettering in the powerful but intriguing font Sansita was paired with both universal and readable Merriweather to communicate contrast and clarity in their brand identity. We chose deep ocean blue as a core color to translate a message of interconnectivity between nations and a global network of trust. The icon was carefully chosen to personify the team’s location and marked in red to note the impact and importance of each mission.

The website was redesigned to reflect the new brand presence.

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