Hue Collective

Events Lead

Tiffany Lynne


Hue Collective


The Howard House

Based in

Atlanta, GA

Hue Collective began in the Spring of 2015 as the brainchild of Design Director, Alphonso Jordan. In an effort to build a community of like-minded designers and developers, he invited three other designers to the conversation – Randall Wilson, Tiffany Ricks, and Jasmin Kent. What started as a hanfdul of founders in a GroupMe chat, grew to over two hundred active members.

July 25-28th, 2019 was the third annual Hue Design Summit hosted in Atlanta, GA. It is a 4-day un-conference created for developers and designers of color. The programming includes skill-building activities, mentoring initiatives, and organized topic-driven conversations. The challenge was to oversee the entire planning process by supporting a design team of eight designers and developers from across the country. 

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